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05. Bieber Kisser - 589272
06. Justin Bieber Dr... - 543788
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Popular Justin Bieber Games
Justin Bieber Sliding PuzzleJustin Bieber Fan Quiz
Bieber KisserJustin Bieber Quiz
Hit Justin BieberJustin Bieber vs Selena Gomez's Date
Justin Bieber Games
Justin Bieber Tatoos Makeover Justin Bieber Tatoos Makeover
Makeover Justin Bieber and tattoo his cute face to make him look cooler!
Justin Selena Kissing Vacation Justin Selena Kissing Vacation
Help Justin and Selena kiss without getting caught by the paparazzi.
Justin Bieber Trivia Quiz Justin Bieber Trivia Quiz
20 questions to test you knowledge about Justin Bieber. Can you get the top score?
Goodgame Fashion Goodgame Fashion
Run your own Fashion Shop. Play with online friends, talk about the latest fashion trends, visit their shops and more!
Justin Bieber Hair Cut Justin Bieber Hair Cut
Cut, grow, style and color Justin bieber's hair any way you want!
Star Magz Star Magz
Get Justin Bieber ready for the magazine cover. Can the Star look even better with your help? Show us how!
Bieber Skiing Bieber Skiing
Justin Bieber wants to go out skiing and needs your help to get warm in his clothes.
Justin Bieber Celebrity Makeover Justin Bieber Celebrity Makeover
Play around with Justin bieber's eye, hair, skin, clothes, sun glasses and more in this makeover game.
Bieber Kisser Bieber Kisser
Get to where Justin Bieber is in the building avoiding getting caught by his bodyguards and plant a kiss on his lips! Go get him girl!
Justin Biebers Makeover Justin Biebers Makeover
Unleash your creative skills as you get to play Justin Bieber's make up artist in this fun makeover game.
Kick Out Bieber Kick Out Bieber
We are Bieber lovers but sometimes we all need some fun! Get to kick out Bieber from stage and get him flying as far as possible with the fun upgrades!
Justin Bieber Fan Quiz Justin Bieber Fan Quiz
Can you get the questions in this tough Justin Bieber Fan quiz right? There are a total of 20 questions out of which 10 questions will be randomly displayed. Get all 20 questions right to call yourself a true Blieber!
Justin Bieber Swappers Justin Bieber Swappers
Assemble the jumbled up picture to get the picture on the right. You will be scored based on how fast you form the original picture.
Justin Selena Gossip Justin Selena Gossip
Catch Justin and Selena kissing and show the public that the rumours about JB and SG are true! Click on the doors and windows at the right time to catch them kissing.
Call Of Bieber Call Of Bieber
Call Of Bieber - We don't believe Justin Bieber would go shooting cops but games are meant to be unbelievable! Take cover, shoot and get weapon upgrades in this funny game!
Justin Bieber vs Selena Gomez's Date Justin Bieber vs Selena Gomez's Date
Justin Bieber's and Selena Gomez's outfits have been hidden in various shops across the city. Find them so that they can go on their hidden date.
Play Justin Bieber Dress Up Play Justin Bieber Dress Up
Another cute Justin Bieber dress up game where you can even use blush and change lipstick colors.. eh! Have fun Beliebers!
Justin Bieber Music Quiz Justin Bieber Music Quiz
Can you guess the name of the song from the phrase given to you in this Justin Bieber game? Find out how much you can score. Die hard fans will find this to be a simple game!
Marry Justin Bieber Marry Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is getting married to his beloved bride. You need to eat kiwi and kiss to live happily with JB ever after.
Pizza Pasta For Justin Bieber Pizza Pasta For Justin Bieber
Cook Pizza Pasta for your favorite singer - Justin Bieber. Follow the instructions carefully to give Justin a delightful treat.
Dress up Justin Bieber Dress up Justin Bieber
A cute little game where you have to dress up your favorite star Justin Bieber. Can you make him look like the pictures in the hints?
Justin Bieber Hair Defense Justin Bieber Hair Defense
Justin Bieber's hair is under attack by millions of his girl fans. You need to protect his hair at all cost using towers and traps. After all Justin would never be the same without his hair!
Celebrity Makeover 4 Celebrity Makeover 4
Guys need some makeover too. And now you have the opportunity to make over justin bieber.
Justin Bieber Dressup Game Justin Bieber Dressup Game
How would Justin Bieber look with a different hairstyle? Or with various different clothes, pants and other accessories? Find out here.
Cute Justin Bieber Dress Up Cute Justin Bieber Dress Up
Here comes another fun dress up games that girls will love because it features none other than the beloved Justin Bieber! Click on the tips button to see how he looks in different costumes and try to get the exact same look if possible.
Justin Bieber Dress Up Justin Bieber Dress Up
Colorful clothes, accessories, pants, shoes and other stuff to dress up bieber with. Doesn't JB look cute with the guitar?
Justin Bieber Dress UpGame Justin Bieber Dress UpGame
Put on Shades, Jackets, Tops, Belts, Pants and Shoes for Justin as he gets ready real quick for his next concert.
Kiss Justin Bieber Kiss Justin Bieber
Would kissing Justin bieber make all your dreams come true? Then this is just the game for you girl! Don't let the paparazzi catch Justin kissing and don't forget the fish in your bliss!.
Hit Justin Bieber Hit Justin Bieber
We all love Justin Bieber. Remember this is just a game for some quick fun and we do not really want to hit him or hate him :) We still love Justin Drew Bieber!
Justin Bieber Dressup Concert Justin Bieber Dressup Concert
Justin has to go to a concert and it is up to you to dress him up.

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